Training Provider in KL

KS Consulting and KS Training are sisters’ company that help you START and GROW your business.

KS Consulting prides to be the trusted accounting firm based in Kuala Lumpur that provides accounting, tax services, and payroll services for start-ups and SME companies in Malaysia.

KS Consulting is a one-stop solution consulting firm for our clients for:

  • Accounting Services
  • HR Payroll Services
  • Tax Services for Sole Proprietor and SMEs
  • Sales & Service Tax (SST) Consultation and Accounting
  • Set up Business in Malaysia

Check out Our Services for more details.

KS Training is a HRDF Certified Training Provider in KL that teaches you the secret of individual advancement and organisational success. We run public workshops and customised in-house corporate training.

Our Core Programs can be categories into:-

  • Business Writing Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Finance Training
  • Accounting Training
  • Sales and Service Tax (SST) Training

Check out Training Solutions for more customised In-House Training and Public Workshops for Individual Training.

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