Best Player Eliminated in Silence – Why Can’t I Succeed Without Speaking Up?

Best Player Eliminated in Silence

He was the best player in his team, leading the team to victory three years in a row in an Online Game Championship. During the final, he is calm and steady. There was a time where his team lost a team member and was on the verge of losing, he kept his cool and immediately come up with a new strategy to encounter the attack. That’s how they win.

The celebration that awaits him is not a bottle of champagne. Instead, it was the director telling him that they are replacing the leader of the team. He’s not playing anymore.

What happened?

He is good with planning, strategizing and playing on the field. Though he was the champion for many years, no one know how he looks like because he plays with his masks and cap on. He refuses to attend to any event or press conference.

Best Player Eliminated in Silence

He was the best player in the game, but not in the business world. He is not connected to the audience. For his team to survive and thrive, they need sponsorship from companies. What does companies want in return? – exposure and brand awareness. It simply means if you want to get funds for your team, you must not only win the game, but increase the exposure of your team and get more people to know you and be connected to you.

How do you get audiences to be connected to you?

The number one element is genuine and it’s simple – means being the real you. When you are talking, do you meant what you talk? If you are a new manager introducing yourself to the team, do you tend to throw out the rules of working with you or do you play nice with them? Are you being the real you? Your team member can spot if you are being genuine here, that is to help them to perform or to toss them around? Show your real face to them, share with them your actual way of working and what would be the best way to work with you.

You are going to realise that your team will appreciate your honesty and will be able to connect with you faster. This is because you come in with an open arm and portray that you embrace honesty and trust among the team. Human are usually afraid of uncertainty and sometimes uncertainty puts us into a defensive mode especially when we do not know who we are facing.

Do not be afraid to show your real face because no one can hide themselves behind a mask forever. You will never know how much people appreciate seeing the real you and wanting to know you.


“We are born to be real, not perfect”


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