What to Do When You are Nervous Before Your Speech

Are you nervous when you have to speak in public? 

What would you do when you are in this situation? Do you avoid eye contact with the audience, and quickly deliver your speech? It’s okay, you are not alone, most people do this. This is a strategy many people use called Distancing Strategy.

Does this distancing strategy works? (Think about the last time you did a presentation, did it work for you? Most likely, not, why?)

The TRUTH is it makes you more nervous. This is because you have turn the anxiety inwards, and then you will be worrying about how people judge you throughout the entire speech.

Why is he/she looking at me? Is there something on my face? Did I forget to zip my pants? Is there stain on my shirt?

Why are they not paying attention to me? They are looking at their phones, talking to the person next to them. Am I boring?

Let me just finish this quickly so that i don’t embarrass myself.

These are the commons answer that my participants wrote when we get them to write down their thoughts before or during the presentation, especially at the beginning of the presentation.

Now, you can try this exercise at home too. Write down all the feelings and thoughts you have, as descriptive as you can before and when you deliver the presentation.

When you look at the answer now, can you see one thing in common? Where is the focus? Does it looks like the presenter is focusing on himself or herself too much? THINK – What’s the initial objective of you standing here to present? Is this about the message or information that you are sharing or is it about YOU?

How do we calm ourselves down in presentation?

Scientifically speaking, human are wired to focus on doing one thing at a time. So, either you choose to focus on your nervous energy or you can choose to focus on helping the audience.

Look at the tips share on Public Speaking in the photos. Instead of putting yourself in a defensive position, put yourself in a “ATTACKING” (GIVING) position, and give the audience your knowledge, messages and values. When you are focused on the knowledge, you will feel more relax and calm.

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