Costing and Budgeting Public Workshop in KL

Costing and Budgeting Training is a workshop on essential on preparing Company annual costing and budget forecast which important in decision making tools and how to prepare analysis for Company forecast.

Learning Outcome

By end of this training, you will be able to:

  • learn the importance of budget in preparation of forecast;
  • know the elements of costing for setting of pricing;
  • learn the budget and costing analysis;
  • learn how actual cost and budgeted cost analysis;
  • prepare budget for monthly or annual analysis

Who Should Attend

  • Accounts/Finance Department
  • Admin, Clerk, Credit Executive that perform costing and budgeting related tasks
  • Managers and Directors that wish to use costing and budgeting knowledge to makes a better business decision

Costing and Budgeting Course Outline

The scope and contents includes but not limited to the following:

Module 1: Concept of Budgeting and CostingUnderstand the concept of budgeting and costing
> Difference in between budgeting and costing
> Importance of preparation of budget
> Importance of preparation of costing  
Module 2: Key Element of Costing and budgetingLearn the key element which make up costing and budgeting
> Learn the justification on budget and costing preparation
> Learn the key note in preparation of budget and costing
> Learn the key element in preparation of budget and costing
Module 3: Preparation of Budget and CostingPutting into Action
> Learning on preparation on budget and costing
> Comparing actual cost against budgeted cost 
> Analysation of costing and forecast in preparation of budget
Module 4: Budget and Costing Analysis  To perform analysis on budget and costing prepared
> Analysis on the realisation of the budget or costing
> Analysis on actual compare to budget prepared
> Preparation of analysis on the budget against actual

Costing and Budgeting KL Workshop Details

  • Duration: 1 day (9am – 5pm)
  • Date: 17th September 2020
  • Venue: Life Center, KL
  • Early Bird Promo: RM 400 (Payment to be made by 15.08.2020) (HRDF Claimable)
  • Standard Rate: RM 800 (HRDF Claimable)

Here’s Why You Should Join Our Course

Small Class Size : Our workshops are run in small classes of maximum 10 participants per class to ensure better learning absorption.

Excellent Materials: You will receive a complete workbook that contains what we have learnt in the workshop for your on-going development.

Post-Workshop Support: We won’t leave you helpless when you go back to your work. We offer complimentary 60-days assistance as well as free resources and updates by email. We answer your follow up questions!

Expert Trainer: This is our in-house trainer that has gone through practical work to ensure the content is easy to understand and actionable for our participants. We also received feedback that our trainers are very friendly and helpful which helps them to learn better during the course.

Contact Us NOW

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In-House Training/ Online Training

We also offer in-house training option where we can customise the course content according to your organisation’s needs. The training can be done in your place on your availability time.

Call us to get a complementary tailor-made course for your organisation! Check out our in-house training solutions.

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