E-Invoicing Training HRDC Claimable

Introduction to E-Invoicing Implementation Training

What is e-Invoice? When will e-Invoicing implement in Malaysia?

The Malaysian Inland Revenue (IRB) had announced the implementation of E-Invoicing by stages. The first stage will be a mandatory enforcement for businesses that the revenue of RM100million and above per year. The implementation is slated to commence from August 2024.

e-Invoicing is applicable to all taxpayers undertaking commercial activities in Malaysia. The mandate extends to both domestic and international transactions. The scope of e-Invoicing typically encompasses business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government (B2G).

Is e-Invoicing mandatory for my company?

e-Invoicing is mandatory for taxpayers with annual turnover or revenue of more than RM100 million per year. However, taxpayers can also volunteer to participate in e-invoicing implementation at an earlier date, regardless of annual turnover or revenue. 

Prepare yourself for Malaysia E-Invoicing Implementation by joining this HRDC claimable training!

e-Invoicing Training Objectives

By end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental understanding of Malaysia’s e-Invoice systems,
  • Understand the overview of e-Invoice model
  • Develop an action plan to adopt the implementation of e-Invoicing system,
  • Recognise the potential accounting and IT issue before and upon implementation of E-Invoicing system
  • Assess the readiness of E-invoice implementation in your company

Who Should Attend e-Invoicing Training

  • Accounts/Finance Department
  • Admin, Clerk, Credit Executive that perform accounting/invoicing related tasks
  • Managers, Professionals, Business Owners

e-Invoicing Training Course Outline

The scope and contents includes but not limited to the following:

ModuleE-Invoice Training Course Outline
Module 1:
Introduction of E-Invoicing
Fundamental of E-Invoicing
The development and key trends related to the E-Invoicing
Transaction types (Operation’s transaction)
E-invoicing implantation timeline
Benefits of e-Invoice
Overview of e-Invoice Model
Overview workflow
Module 2:
Submission of E-invoicing
E-invoicing submission requirement
Creation and submission
E-invoicing validation
Sharing of e-invoicing
Rejection or cancellation
Storing e-invoices
Reporting for taxpayer
Module 3:
Managing Risk, Tax Audits, Data Security &
Privacy Monitoring of E-invoicing
Preparing for digital reporting
Managing risk and tax audit
How the E-invoicing will be affecting the business operation
The changes in technology in compliance with the E-Invoicing
Module 4:
Assessing Readiness of E-invoice
The impact on business operation upon implementation
The cost affection on the business operation upon implementation
The internal resources on the business operation in adopting the E-Invoicing

E-Invoice Training Malaysia

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