Finance for Non Finance Training

In today’s global management and uncertain business conditions, there is a need for all business or functional heads to grasp and apply fundamental financial management knowledge, skills and techniques to manage their respective areas in order to become truly, all-rounded professional. This is a practical programme using real-life case studies for those who want to acquire financial management competencies.

When you understand the importance how daily operation reports in numbers, you will have a better picture of how each department contributes to the success of the company (and less arguments with the Finance department). This is especially important for the professionals who are helping the companies making decisions because you will be familiar with the financial tools to evaluate business opportunities and assess financial risks.

Learning Outcome

By end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Familiar with financial terms and jargon;
  • Identify the difference between profit and loss account and balance sheet;
  • Identify the difference between operating expenses (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX);
  • Understand how daily operation will affect the finance of the Company and vice versa;
  • Understand the different types of financial reports, cash flow, and investment analyses;
  • Be aware of the core financial tools used to evaluate business opportunities and assess financial risks;
  • Learn key accounting tools for making costing and managerial decisions;
  • Apply the principles of accounting in making marketing and pricing decisions;
  • Gain practical understanding on how to use financial data in your area.

Who Should Attend

  • Director, Manager, Supervisor, Team Lead, Supervisor, Executive with no prior finance or accounting knowledge
  • Anyone making financial decisions for the company
  • Anyone who wants to understand financial statements

Finance for Non Finance Course Outline

The scope and contents includes but not limited to the following:

Module 1: Concept of Finance

  • Introduction to Finance and Accounting
  • Define basic account and financial terminology
  • Role and function of Finance
  • Making sense of the numbers

Module 2: Financial Statement

  • Main components of a typical set of financial statements or annual report
  • Key underlying accounting concepts used in preparation of financial statements
  • How finance affect a company’s operation
  • Understanding and Managing Costs
  • Types of Costs and the Impact on Business Performance
  • Cash flow statement and Working Capital
  • Analysing financial reports – P&L and Balance Sheet

Module 3: Financial Management and Application

  • The importance of budgetary control and planning
  • Budget process and budget preparation
  • Source of obtaining relevant information for budget preparation
  • Importance of Margin Analysis

Module 4: Financial Tools (Putting into Action)

  • Core financial tools (Understand the liquidity of Asset)
  • Key accounting tools (Gearing ratio, finance ratio)
  • The importance of ratio analysis
  • Understand the dividend policy
  • Applying principles in company operations

Workshop Details

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Date: Call us at 017-3302519 for the latest date
  • Venue: Online Classroom Via Microsoft Team
  • Early Bird Promo: RM 600 (HRDF SBL-KHAS CLAIMABLE)
  • Standard Rate: RM 800 (HRDF Claimable)

Here’s Why You Should Join Our Course

Small Class Size : Our workshops are run in small classes of maximum 10 participants per class to ensure better learning absorption.

Excellent Materials: You will receive a complete workbook that contains what we have learnt in the workshop for your on-going development.

Post-Workshop Support: We won’t leave you helpless when you go back to your work. We offer complimentary 60-days assistance as well as free resources and updates by email. We answer your follow up questions!

Expert Trainer: This is our in-house trainer that has gone through practical work to ensure the content is easy to understand and actionable for our participants. We also received feedback that our trainers are very friendly and helpful which helps them to learn better during the course.

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How to Join This Course? Public Workshop / In-House Training (Physical Training/Online Training)

If you have one or 2 participants, consider joining our public workshop and learn with other participants. Check out our public workshop schedule or give us a call and let us serve you!

If you have 3 or more participants, call us to arrange an in-house training for you! We can customise the course content according to your organisation’s needs. The training can be done in your place on your availability time.

The training can be delivered face-to-face and/or online depending on preferences and circumstances.

Our courses are HRD Corporations Claimable (HRDF Claimable), you may contact us to help you get your training grant approved.

Call us at 017 330 2519 to get a complementary tailor-made course for your organisation! Check out our in-house training solutions.

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