Future HR Insight Talk Series 1 13032020

What’s the future of HR?
Is the future of HR coming to an end?

There has been some conversation raised due to the concern of automation.

What do you think? We have heard comments from many and they can be categorised into 2 general types –

  1. People who thinks automation is going to take over HR job
  2. People who thinks HR will be the main drive on company’s transformation journey

It’s generally depends on which type of mindset do you have and what role do you want to play moving forward.

We had a 3 hours insight talk on this, to spark the conversation on the framework on:

  1. What’s your view on the future of HR?
  2. What do you think the future is? What are the challenges involved?
  3. Where are you now and how are you going to achieve it?

There are generally too much to be cover for this topic, hence we pick a few here:

✅ Past, present and future of HR

✅ Top challenges HR face in future

✅ Attract and retain talent in future

✅ The myth about millennial workforce

✅ Creating a millennial friendly environment

✅ Companies case study on HR transformation

We have attached a softcopy of the slides used during the talk, please download them here.

We will be releasing more talks and workshops on the coming weeks.

Big thanks for the participants who are actively learning despite the worrying situation in KL now. But no worries everyone, there’s great precaution we have done here – sanitize your hand entering and exiting the building, and controlled number of visitors. Remember to wash your hand frequently and don’t touch or rub your face and eyes.

Learning will never stops because we breathe knowledge as oxygen that activates our cell.

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