Impactful and Persuasive Presentation

A two-day interactive workshop designed for those who want to develop and refine their presentation and public speaking skills.

Good presentation skills are often viewed as the stepping stone to succeed in business and life. What do business leader Tun Mahathir, Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins have in common? They are able to sell their ideas, products and services by being a good speaker.

How do they become a great presenter and are able to influence people using their voice? Lots of practice of course! What is even more important is they have learned and perfected on their style of presentation. They have a structure of presentation that allows them to speak anytime and anywhere.

This course will teach you how to build your presentation with a process that will, step by step, lay out what it takes to deliver a great presentation. Once you master this process, you can use it repeatedly to design and deliver any topic of nature of presentation.

Learning Outcome

By end of this training, you will be able to:

Understand the elements of an effective and impactful presentation
Understand and empathise with the needs of your target audience
Gain the attention of your audience and engage with them
Establish credibility with your audience
Instil the elements of persuasiveness into presentation
Manage resistance and challenges during presentation
Create an action plan to continue developing presentation skills

Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneur and sales person that wish to improve their speaking and presentation skills
  • Aspiring professionals that want to speak with impact and persuasiveness
  • Anyone who wish to speak with clarity so that people understand what they say
  • Anyone who wish to use their voice to influence and persuade others

Public Speaking Course Outline

The scope and contents includes but not limited to the following:

2 Days Training

Module 1: Fundamentals to PresentationIntroduction to course
Why are you doing this?
What makes a great presenter?
Barriers to a great presentation
Module 2: Know Your AudienceUnderstanding the needs and wants of your audience
Managing your stakeholder’s interest
What and how to prepare
Module 3: Establish Your CredibilityGo from Fear to Confidence!
Exercise to Disperse Nervous Energy
Own the Stage Every Single Time
Module 4: Structure for PresentationUse a structure approach to design a presentation flow
Know your material
Incorporate visuals into presentation
Module 5: An Impactful PresentationUse NLP technique to build rapport with audience
How to Start Your Presentation Strong
How to End Your Presentation Memorable
How to Get People to Act on Your Presentation
Module 6: Influence Your Audience with Stronger PresenceUse the Voice to Communicate Your Message
Body Speaks Your Message
Techniques and Tools to Keep Your Audience Engaged
Module 7: Managing Challenges Managing Q&A Professionally
Dealing with Difficult Questions
How to Turn Questions into Opportunity

Public Speaking Training Details

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Date: Call us at 017-3302519 for the latest date
  • Venue: Online Classroom Via Microsoft Team
  • Early Bird Promo: RM 1,000 (HRDF SBL-KHAS CLAIMABLE)
  • Standard Rate: RM 1,500 (HRDF Claimable)

Here’s Why You Should Join Our Course

Small Class Size : Our workshops are run in small classes of maximum 10 participants per class to ensure better learning absorption.

Excellent Materials: You will receive a complete workbook that contains what we have learnt in the workshop for your on-going development.

Post-Workshop Support: We won’t leave you helpless when you go back to your work. We offer complimentary 60-days assistance as well as free resources and updates by email. We answer your follow up questions!

Expert Trainer: This is our in-house trainer that has gone through practical work to ensure the content is easy to understand and actionable for our participants. We also received feedback that our trainers are very friendly and helpful which helps them to learn better during the course.

Contact Us NOW

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In-House Training/ Online Training

If you have one or 2 participants, consider joining our public workshop and learn with other participants. Check out our public workshop schedule or give us a call and let us serve you!

If you have 3 or more participants, call us to arrange an in-house training for you! We can customise the course content according to your organisation’s needs. The training can be done in your place on your availability time.

The training can be delivered face-to-face and/or online depending on preferences and circumstances.

Our courses are HRD Corporations Claimable (HRDF Claimable), you may contact us to help you get your training grant approved.

Call us at 017-3302519 to get a complementary tailor-made course for your organisation! Check out our in-house training solutions.

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