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These Public Workshop for Individuals are running on a monthly basis. Contact us at 017 330 2519 to join our latest class!

This is a list of HRDF Claimable Courses in KL*

Finance, Accounting, Tax Training

Sales & Service Tax (SST) Training*

All you need to learn about the SST for business owners, managers and executives. Learn not just the text-book materials but also the compliance and case studies on your industry!

Finance for Non Finance Manager*

Essential Financial Knowledge that helps you understand the number on the decision making tables! This is top 5 Courses for Non Finance Professionals and Managers!

Handling Full Set of Accounts*

Handling Full Set Account is a training on essential accounting and financial knowledge that enables you to perform bookkeeping and prepare full set financial accounts.

Costing & Budgeting Training*

This is a workshop on preparing Company annual costing and budget forecast. Learn the tools that can hep you make better decisions and learn how to prepare analysis for Company forecast.

Financial Management Training

This Finance Management course help to enhance your decision-making skills with respect to accounting and finance. This course helps to develop on analytical and decision-making skills in finance through the use of theory questions and practical problems.

Communication Skills Training

Speak with Confident and Clarity*

This is a one-day workshop on building your confidence to speak in front of public and learn to structure your thoughts. This is a practical workshop on building your Public Speaking Skills, turning fear into Confidence!

Impactful and Persuasive Presentation

This is a two-day Public Speaking Training that deliver tangible results. Our effective technique will help you unlock the secret of the top presenters and turns you into a master presenter. Your audience will love you!

Effective Email-Writing Training

This one-day course on email writing teaches you to create your template of writing a professional email. Learn how to write clear and professional mail faster so that you no longer waste time on drafting email!